Terms and Conditions
  1. The Guests shall be obliged to make the payment upon booking. The costs for the financial transaction (e.g. remittance fee) shall be paid by the Party. Credit and debit cards shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the issuing company.
  2. The rented rooms shall be vacated by the Party by 12.00 noon on the date of departure. Citadel bed and breakfast shall be entitled to charge another day if the rented rooms are not vacated in time or they will be charge for an extra hour/s of stay.
  3. All amendments are subject to the availability and applicable pricing of the relevant Participating Property at the time the amendment is requested.
  4. If the Accommodation Agreement has been made for a definite term, it shall end upon the expiry of such term.
  5. If the Party leaves prematurely, Citadel bed and breakfast shall be entitled to charge the total agreed payment. The Proprietor shall deduct anything saved due to the failure to use its scope of services or maintained by letting the booked rooms to other guests.